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Sunday, 2018-05-27

Funeral planning

No one likes to talk about a delicate subject such as death and funeral planning is not a coveted topic of conversation during gatherings with family and friends. Still, planning your funeral arrangements or those of a loved one in advance will save those close to you much worry.

When considering planning the details surrounding your funerals in advance, two options are made available to you: the deposition of your funeral wishes or arrangements made prior. Arrangements made prior are payable in advance and ensure a freeze on all prices. The deposition of funeral wishes will be paid by your succession at the time of death.

By making your arrangements in advance, you will be able to make your own decisions with peace of mind. Your loved ones will be relieved in not having to make all these decisions at a time of emotional distress.

The deposition of funeral wishes

This document allows you to specify your funeral wishes, while avoiding disbursing any monetary amount immediately. Your succession will need to pay the fees at the time of your death, based on the prices in effect at that time.